Monday, April 4, 2011

Single Digits

Six days. Six whole days until my estimated due date. Time is crawling, on it's hands and knees, slower than molasses, every second feels like 30 extra. This is normal. Or, that's what everyone says. "How are you doing?" ... Really, people do not want the real answer. Because when you start with a giant list of ailments, their faces turn and they're ready to be done with the conversation. So I've started to say, "Hanging in there, just waiting.." because that's mostly what I'm doing.

Everything is ready. The clothes are organized, the house has been cleaned over and over, we have every baby device known to man shoved somewhere or other. Each drawer is labeled by size and type of outfit. I am that stir-crazy. There is literally nothing I can do, other than daily chores to keep myself occupied. For six days. Which might not even be six days - but they won't let me go past 41 weeks, supposedly. I have an appointment on Wednesday morning to check my progress for the first time. Last Tuesday, we had an ultrasound for fetal weight - 6 lbs, 8 oz - and they said I should be able to deliver naturally, since I'm only 5'2. Fantastic. Let's do it. Not right this minute, because I'd like to shave my legs first, but really, let's get the show on the road.

And it's frustrating because the people that are due after me are already having their children. I'm excited for them, I really am, I just.. man, I really want to see my son. And the little bugger seems totally content to stay put for as long as possible, no matter how much I try to coax him out... "Hey, it's Grandma talking to you - Don't you want to meet Grandma?" or "Daddy's tickling your little feet - Don't you want to say hello?" I am clearly not above begging at this point.

I totally thought I was going to go early. The joke is definitely on me.

So, yesterday I went for a haircut, got the eyebrows waxed (which B calls, "fuzzy caterpillars" .. No more) and got to catch up on a bit of reading. It was overall relaxing. Went to dinner with friends of his and their two children, and they seemed really nice. Not sure on how often we'll interact with them, but they were nice as far as first impressions go.

And I also took pictures yesterday to document the 39 week start. Here he is, my stubborn little bundle of joy:

Hopefully I'll be able to see him soon. And get to celebrate everyone else's births excitedly, because mine has finally arrived!