Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile
Since I can say that I wasn't addicted
And it's been awhile since I can say I love myself as well and
And it's been awhile since I've gone and fucked things up just like I always do
And it's been awhile but all that shit seems to disappear when I'm with you

Life is good. Really good. As in, I am really grateful for how things are going and where I'm at in life and yes. Thank god the hormones are back to normal. I feel like me! 15 weeks in, and I feel like a normal, but more round person!

Things with B and I are progressing nicely. No fighting, no drama, nothing but spending quality time and enjoying the time we have while we have it to ourselves. And really, I couldn't ask for much more than that. I feel like sweet Mary Sunshine... And then, that makes me worry about the other shoe dropping. Oh, well. I hope the optimism lasts a bit longer, I'm really getting used to it. The kidlet and I are doing well too. I can't wait to meet him/her! We thought we might be able to see what it was at the 12 week mark, but they couldn't be 100%. So now, the next ultrasound is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Hm... Hopefully the little bugger is cooperative.

Knock on wood.

Who is this happy woman? I almost don't recognize her, it's been that long. Or.. it's been awhile.

/smirks ...